Our lovely children have lots of fun all day. Here is their schedule:






Garden time to include:

Forest school, baby yoga, bike riding, mud kitchen,

making mud pies, building sandcastles, fresh air,

sunshine and laughter


Circle time and free play to include:  

Snack bar with loads of different types of fruit,

singing, dancing, reading, building


Lunch once again - more delicious food


Nap time


Snack time


Forest school and yoga


Tea time or going home time


Late stay collection and going home time

What a happy day!

Items to bring with you

  • Formula
  • Comforter and or muslin
  • Sleep suit / grow bag
  • Spare pants
  • A complete change of clothing
  • Slippers / slipper socks
  • Wellies
  • All-in-one suit and / or coat (outdoor wear)

Please wear appropriate clothing for getting messy and dirty. We love messy play and will be spending lots of time in the great outdoors!

Please avoid wearing open toe shoes or crocs.

Please note Bertie's Nursery will supply nappies.

Term dates and opening hours

Bertie's is open all year round, except for Bank Holidays and the period between Christmas and New Year, but we also offer a Term -Time only option (subject to availability) broadly following the pattern of the North Somerset school term cycle. Please check the PDF below for Term - Time only dates.

Opening Hours

Our Standard Day starts at 8.30am and finishes at 4.30pm. However, we understand that parents and carers may require the option to extend the hours at the beginning or end of the day. We therefore have options for early drop off with breakfast or later pick-up to include tea-time.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements further.

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Term-Time Dates


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Full Time
Term-Time Dates


You might see your Key Worker and other staff members using tablets in the rooms.  We use iConnect on our tablets to help us take important observations of your child’s development.

We record all of the achievements your child makes at nursery to enable us to track their development whilst they’re with us.  iConnect allows us to do this really efficiently meaning we have so much more time to play, teach and care for your children instead of spending time on paperwork.

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“My husband and I cannot recommend Bertie’s highly enough. The facilities are wonderful, most of all the fabulous garden and surrounding woodland, which allows for some great adventures for the boys. But more than this is the team - it’s an infectious place of laughter, learning and love. We are always safe in the knowledge that our children are nurtured and cared for, while being inspired to learn”


Our son started at Bertie’s, when he was 1 year old. He quickly settled into Mini Movers, where the staff were kind, warm and welcoming. His learning diary is always really detailed and clearly show the children variety of exciting and topical activities that he has completed. Online, we can view observations of him learning and completing key skills, it's is an excellent interactive piece of software. The outside play environment is brilliant, the children are always  out and about happily interacting with the staff, who gently challenge the children to explore this area. Forest School is already a firm favourite with him, especially 'the mallows' and hot chocolate with Caterpillar. After all their busy work it is reassuring that the children have a hearty, home cooked lunch and snack. Nothing is ever too much trouble for the staff at Berties, a welcome smile is  shared by all. J is thriving in their care- he loves being part of the Bertie’s family.


"From the wonderfully warm welcome on arrival, to the detailed, information packed report at every collection time, Bertie’s Nursery School and its tip top team of first class staff is truly outstanding in every way.  Our granddaughter, currently in Mini Movers, is developing at a rapid rate, both socially and academically, surrounded by an abundance of resources, in a completely safe environment and happily immersed in an impressive programme, which, on a daily basis, supports all her individual needs.  A combination of happy, well cared for children, their ever devoted families and a dedicated and tireless staff combine to produce an extraordinarily vibrant community, which is really second to none, in which every child can thrive and successfully achieve its full potential."


'Our daughter has been at Bertie's since the very first day it opened its doors. A year on and we're just as impressed by the warmth, fun, and excellent learning that is at the heart of the Bertie's community. Our child has blossomed into a confident, curious and caring person who will be more than ready to start school when the time comes.

It's the extras that make Bertie's extra special: Weekly forest school, Stretch & Grow physical education, dance classes, healthy home-cooked food from Bertie's own kitchen, visits from art and music practitioners and 'community heroes' such as the police,.. the list goes on. All activities are designed and supported by enthusiastic, experienced, affectionate staff who really get to know each child - their personalities, needs, friendships and families. And all this, set in beautiful, practical gardens and grounds, where free flow in and out is the norm, whatever the weather.

We couldn't be happier at Bertie's. As our daughter once said: 'Bertie's is a sparkling place!' It will be hard to leave for school when the time comes, but we have a feeling that the friendships made here with staff, parents and children will continue on.'


"Everyday Jack sprints into Bertie's with a shout of Bertie’s and without a backwards glance, he loves it. The amount of outdoor play and varied activities provided is fantastic. The staff are extremely caring and know the children inside out, they are constantly helpful and wise."


"My daughter has been going to Berties since it opened in January 2018. She absolutely loves it and doesn't give me a backward glance when I drop her off! The staff are warm, friendly and attentive, and so obviously enjoy working with their little charges. The facilities are second to none, particularly the extensive outdoor space where they charge around in the fresh air, get muddy and having lots of fun.  If you imagined an ideal nursery for your baby, toddler or preschooler, this would undoubtedly be it."

Social News

Bertie’s Nursery School is a constant hive of activity with a plethora of exciting events and achievements to share and celebrate.

Please follow our Social Media platforms on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter where we aim to deliver a wide selection of the latest news from across Bertie’s, hopefully opening a window on the remarkable things that happen in our school every day.